This is my version of a lifestyle blog.

Most lifestyle blogs are full of lovely ladies wearing fancy fashionable clothes and holding ridiculously expensive handbags – if you are looking for that then you’ve come to the wrong place.

Realistically, the only time I’m well dressed, and accessorised, is when I’m acting, and someone else has dressed me. Although in one film I played a Witch accessorised with a bloody hand and heart – perhaps I’m a trendsetter and very much ahead of fashion, one day soon, mark my words, everyone will be carrying one.

You’re more likely to find me in jeans and a vest, I do tend to ruin a nice vintage (read second hand, I do like second hand) dress with biker boots or cowboy boots. I’m also quite partial to a geek related tee shirt, especially Star Wars related ones.

If my acting career does not meet the dizzy heights of my dreams I’m hoping that I will at least have imparted a little entertainment here, my blog, my little piece of internet acreage (yes it’s a real word ‘acre’ with ‘age’ on the end, look it up I’m sure you’ll find it). Anyway, enjoy the random scribblings of a geek loving bi-polar actress, and a London living Northern lass.

B xx

A legend, or key if you will, to the topics found on my blog…


I’ve happily called myself a geek for sometime, but suddenly thought as I was preparing to write this legend that I wasn’t sure what the common definition was, so I googled it. Nounan unfashionable or socially inept person. Well if you’ve read the bit above, the about me section, I fit nicely into the unfashionable section, and if you’ve read my blog post Embarrassment free day then you’ll appreciate that I can be a tad socially inept at times. The verb: engage in or discuss computer-related tasks obsessively or with great attention to technical detail.  Let’s gloss over that bit, I know how to update iTunes, what more does a girl need?

So, Geek, the Becky way, after changing a few words…

Becky. Geek: An unfashionable and occasionally socially inept lass, who is easily engaged in Star Wars related conversation, including but not limited to, blogging about said film and related merchandise purchasing, and playing Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, and hopefully wining.

Living my Dash

How I spend the time in between my birth date and what will be the day I depart this merry world. Both my parents receiving a Cancer diagnosis, my diagnosis of Bi-Polar and my turning 40 led me to create a list of 40 different things that I would accomplish during my 40th year, and inspired by the poem Living my Dash by Linda Ellis I decided to take just a little bit more control of my life than I had been. Enter the list, which I will struggle to complete, largely because acting & producing work came along (yay!), but the whole point was to start living again, and that worked! And when I leave 40 and move into 41 I shall carry on with my list and keep working on it and adding to it 🙂

Bi-Polar Lass

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar affective disorder type II, I’ve been pretty open about it from the beginning, I don’t doubt that my acting background helps that. In this section of my blog you’ll find bits and bobs about my journey, which will hopefully encourage, educate and raise awareness. The more people that talk about mental health the quicker the stigma attached to it will lesson. After all everyone has mental health, and we all need to know how best to look after ourselves.

Put T’Kettle On

All other random ramblings are in here 🙂


All text, images and photography are the property of Rebekah Daven Watson, unless otherwise started.  If you’d like to use them please contact me, please don’t copy or print anything without written permission. Excerpts may be used provided that a credit is correctly given.

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