It’s been a while…

…urm… quite a while in fact, there are reasons, they are many! I will revert (no, that’s far to fancy a word for me), I will come back too…urm, no… I’ll write another post soon – ah yes, simple and to the point… a three line paragraph, not that simple and not really to the point then… Moving on!

So, the tales I’ve told in the past are getting an additional category. I have a new subject matter, I’m now living on a canal boat, after a fashion, it’s a sailaway and when she arrived she was essentially a steel shell and an engine.

I currently have a dividing wall of vapour control layer (yes that’s a thing) separating my working and building area from my living area, I have a fridge freezer that I can’t connect yet and a porta potty with no fancy chemicals in it, so both currently redundant. I take a 3 minute walk for a shower and my kitchen is a single gas camping stove, food is anything that I can heat from the tin, or fruit in its own coat. But it’s my home, all mine and that makes me very happy. 

I wanted to share with you tonight‘s little activity.  For those of you that aren’t familiar with canalboats they have a simple rooftop ventilation system called mushroom vents which run along the top of the roof at carefully chosen intervals.

Well two of my four mushroom vents leak, now this is not an old boat, she’s brand new, she only went in the water at the beginning of April, the leaky mushroom vents are just one of the few problems I am currently, patiently (ok that’s running out) waiting on the boat builder to sort out, but i’ll come back to that another day.

I was just about to go for my pre-bedtime shower when I looked out of the window and I noticed that the clouds have taken upon a dark and foreboding colour, we’ve had some glorious weather these last few weeks and it hadn’t occurred to me that I’d need to accommodate rain again (that’s how I found out they leaked the first time, I’m learning all sorts!) just yet. In the workspace I have a pre-drawn out square on the floor where I keep a plastic box to catch dripage, that’s the worst leak. As I looked out again at the clouds and grabbed my phone for a weather check I was informed that it was quite likely to rain overnight… my zed bed (google if you’re young 😆) is right underneath where the dripping mushroom vent is and I have no great desire to be waking up with damp ankles. 

So I find myself wondering how to fashion a drip catching implement that doesn’t sit on the bed. After a few rejected ideas I’m putting my faith in a small compositing bag (I have no idea how I have those in my kitchen box, thanks Mum!) it doesn’t have holes in the bottom, not good for safety but good for water catching! I’ve taped it to my ceiling with some of the fancy silver insulation tape that we fitouters of boats use, I don’t know if a ‘fitouter’ is a thing, anyway…

So, shower time, then bedtime. I will revert (there’s that word again, did I get fancy in during my blogging break?) with a full report on how my drip catching apparatus performs soon.

Oh, and why does my new canalboat fit on a geeky blog? She’s called Corellia…

Morning update…. it didn’t rain!


Image courtesy of Canal & River Trust‘s YouTube page, watch this beautiful horse, Bilbo Baggins, pulling narrowboat Elland through the Bingley Five Rise Locks on the Leeds & Liverpool.

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