My year with a List…

So it’s less than 20 days until my 40th year ends and my 41st year begins and I thought I should take stock of how I’m doing with my 40 Things at 40 list. Here we go…

1. Visit Harry Potter world – tick
2. Start my PCertLAM- not so much, I’ve been a bit busy you see with work, actually doing acting/producing, two amazing plays playing the lead roles in both and a film where I go to do my first even death scene, setting up a production company and beginning the production of our first TV documentary, I foresee “not so much” might be a recurring theme here as I take a second to glance down my list, what I’ll do is list all of the things I have done and then a separate list for what I’ve not yet done, I will then work out how I’m going to get them all in in 17 days (insert scared emoji). Well let’s just dive in…
4. Champagne at Claridges
6. Walk 100k for Charity
9. Buy a fabulous camera and learn how to use it (I have a lovely Canon 600D and my education is continuing, I’ve also learnt that with a little skill you can take some pretty decent pictures with an iPhone!)
12. Watch a sunset
13. Climb Snowdon (couldn’t see a thing though it was too foggy, so I’ll do it again one day for the view)
18. Watch all 6 Star Wars films in one go (I do this most days ending in a y, actually that’s not entirely true, I watch 4-6 most days ending in a y, the other 3 only under duress, but doing this wasn’t really a challenge)
21. Get a tattoo (got 2, will share pics at some point)
27. Take a photograph every day (a lot I put on Instagram)
30. Blog my 40 things at 40 (well… just)
31. Find a way to write my one woman show (into a dictaphone! win! I’ll break this down in a blog one day)
33. Learn archery (I’m now a Third Class Archer under GB Classification, get me!)
34. Go to Secret Cinema, wear a costume (it was so amazing!!!)

Actually I’ve not done too bad, there’s 14 there, oh, well, urm, that doesn’t sound quite so good… Urm… moving on…

Not so much with the completion:
3. Visit a different European city for each season (this will be complete, but it will be one of those paper thin arguments, because I’m going to have to use UK cities to do it, thanks to my bestie Sara who pointed out my 40th year ran from July-July not January-December so I couldn’t include my trip to Paris, boo)
5. Tough Mudder, Beat the Bog, or similar (not likely to happen I’m still wrestling with my 5k Zombie Run, one I might have to pass over to next year I think)
7. Go paintballing (still time?)
8. Do a zombie run (need to find a 5k one I can shuffle through!)
10. Have at least 3 sets of matching knickers and bras (yes, well, urm, there’s still time!)
11. Watch a sunrise (I’ve seen tons of sunsets but not managed to get a sunrise yet!)
14. See a ballet at The Royal Opera House (need to call my bestie Vanessa and book some tickets…)
15. Go to a Jazz Club
16. Have a picnic on the lawn in front of Kenwood House (yeah, I should really have done this last summer, early July weather should be fine for this, or I’d best find my umbrella!)
17. Play my guitar daily – next!
19. Do an open mic night (this was one of the big challenges, I have no confidence for this which is why I must do it, I’ve got a song and someone to play the guitar for me, I just need to rehearse and find a date, this will be one of the last things I do, it probably should have been the first!)
20. Have a dinner in the OXO Tower (this one requires a date, sadly lacking in that department, let’s come back to it…)
22. Start a memory jar (note to self, buy a jar!)
23. Bake fairy cakes that I can actually eat (given that I’ve recently stopped eating/drinking dairy and on top of all of my other intolerances I might struggle completing this one, but I’ll give it a go when I get a free weekend – I’ve managed brownies!)
24. Do a Vintage photo shoot (I’ve got a photo shoot booked in for August, it’s not specifically a Vintage one, I’ll have to improvise! *goes to google, enters ‘how to do victory rolls
25. Kiss in the rain (see 20, need a date!)
26. Dance in the rain (see 20 and 25, rum, why did I even put these in???)
28. Get back on a horse (must book, ooh! I’ve got a voucher! Must find!)
29. Have regular analogue Sunday’s and explore London (urm, not done so well here, I do know Hampstead Heath quite well now from all the walking training, that counts right?)
32. Go to the Globe (in theory I’ve done this as I walked past it in January, I don’t think that’s what I actually meant though…)
35. Start Stage Combat training (well this is partially done, I started Krav Maga in January, now I just need to get myself into some weapons training courses!)
36. Go on the Emirates Cable Cars and then walk up and over the O2 Dome (need to find a daft friend to join me on this, do I have any? Ha! Of course! Like attracts like)
37. Go up The Shard (given my fear of heights I’m not jumping to complete this one!)
38. Visit all of the Monopoly board property squares, take pictures (how can I get my friends involved? Mmm… add alcohol! That will make for fun pictures!)
39. Knit a scarf and hat for next winter (I sort of missed this winter, still got time though! Right? Who am I kidding)
40. Have my photograph taken at Platform 9 3/4 (so easy, no excuse for failure of completion here)

Conclusion? That’s a bit fancy, it’s not a dissertation! You know, I feel like being fancy today, it can stay.

Okay so I’ve completed 14 out of 40, when you look at it that way I wonder what I’ve been doing for the past year! In fairness 2015/6 has been one of my busiest years for acting work since the recession and if you include the producing too. The whole point of the list was to not fall apart and into some blind panic and despair that was turning 40; it was to remind me to live, to explore new things, challenge myself and have mini adventures, and in between acting work I’ve done just that. Even if I don’t complete any more items from the list (which given my birthday is in 17 days I suspect won’t happen) I will know that I completed the original goal, to live and enjoy living, and I’m happy with that.

So I shall I create a new list for my 41st year of living, with 41 items on it, I will carry over those which I didn’t manage, add too or re-write the ones that were too difficult, delete any that I’m not excited about and make some of the new ones a tad easier to do.

Right, I’m off to an Archery tournament, have a fabulous Sunday whatever your adventure 🙂

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