Embarrassment free day… well, almost

Ting! The familiar sound of an incoming text, she smiles upon reading the lovely compliment, it’s been a tough day already at the day-job, and although her job is important (collating of paper, shuffling it and replacing it on the other side of her desk, and without her it would never get done and the paper wouldn’t fulfil its destiny of movement) she longs for the stage, the bright lights, the crowds, the smell of the make-up. She blushes as she holds the phone in her hand, hoping no one is looking she starts her reply, her fingers slip, the grip is lost, the cup of tea is precariously close, the smile drops from her face so slowly, as if time itself has been stolen from the room, she watches, unable to do anything as the phone slips from her fingers towards the edge of the paper tea cup. Fate is on her side, is seems to fall to the left of the cup, not in the cup, she smiles with relief as her phone lands to the left of her tea cup, not in it.

There is rejoicing in the land. But she has relaxed too soon, for the inertia of force and something else Physicsy happens, which means that the cup has taken on the movement of the phone, it’s going right, the liquid creeps up the side of the cup as it slowly leans over, she casts her gaze right, she knows what’s coming, what can she save? Nothing, it’s too late, the thought took up all of her spare time, the cup lands, tea spills out, snaking its way across the desk towards the laptop, there’s was nothing to be done, people were looking, she’d squealed loudly and it had drawn unwanted attention, she scrambled for tissues as the liquid crept further towards her Lego StarWars figures, beads of sweat forming on her brow, the tissues landed firmly on the puddle of tea drawing the liquid up into it and safely away from Lego Yoda. Tissues suddenly appeared from nowhere, appearing to floating down from heaven, gifts from helpful colleagues, grabbing them from the sky her confidence grew as the liquid pool was shrinking, conquering the overflow.

Disaster averted StarWars toys saved, the laptop, well, it took one for the team. She turned round to the noticeboard behind her as her colleague rubbed out the chalk number 4 and replaced it with a 0, it read “embarrassment free days 0” she sighed, but smiled as she looked upon Luke and Yoda from just behind the tea stained tissues, they were safe and that’s all that mattered…

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