My year starts in July…

So amidst cake and Champagne at Claridges, yes, that is how I live all of the time 🙂 , my bestie asks “when will you be starting on your ’40 things at 40′ list?” “I started on it back in January, and I have already ticked off a number of things” I smugly reply. “But you were 39!” she exclaims a little too loudly for our surroundings. “Surely the list of ’40 things at 40′ should happen whilst you are 40!”. Cue tumbleweed. How had I not thought of that? How hadn’t any of my friends or family who I’ve spoken to about the list not pick up on it? Whilst my logic of completing the list in the year that I turn 40 isn’t that bad, my friends logic is way more… urm… logical!

So after a little more tumbleweed (it was very nice tumbleweed, we were in Claridges after all) I decided that S was right and that I should go with her plan.

On one hand this isn’t a bad thing, I shall immediately change one goal, I shall no longer ‘do a course at RADA’ I shall ‘visit Harry Potter world’. I’ve got acting training covered with the LAMDA course.

I’m already booked on to the London to Brighton 100k walk in May 2016, and as I only managed 80k this year (grrr small boots and massive blisters) I shall class this years as a warm up, plus my bestie R (yes I have two) will be doing it with me.

Sadly Paris won’t count as one of my European City visits, neither will my walk across the glass floor of the Blackpool Tower, I’m not keen to revisit that one, I was petrified! so I shall have to replace that one too.

I’ve taken 7 months worth of daily picy’s – really not a waste! And finally, I missed Comic Com because I was filming so I will change that to Secret Cinema (no bad thing, it’s StarWars this year!).

And that’s about it! The full new list is here. And updates will follow 🙂

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